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We are proud of our home inspections, and the value we offer our clients. We have a proven and repeatable process that provides you with a clear, illustrative, and comprehensive report. We inspect every aspect of your home possible. This means that we get a complete picture of your home, and are able to provide you with a detailed report and executive summary.

thermal imaging

Thermal imaging translates variations in surface temperatures into visual images, allowing us to find issues not visible to the human eye. Common issues discovered using thermal imaging include everything from missing insulation and active water leaks to overheated electrical components and air conditioning air leaks. While it’s not quite x-ray vision, it’s certainly the next best thing. Thermal imaging is included FREE with every ThermaSpect inspection.

additional inspection services


Whether you are having a home built now, or it was built a year ago, we provide new construction inspections that save you from buying a nightmare. We provide phase inspections during construction to ensure that the home is being properly built. We also offer 11th month inspections that compile a list of items for your builder to fix before your 12-month builder warranty expires.


If you are buying a home with a swimming pool, spa, hot tub, and or sprinkler/irrigation system, then you likely know that there are many things that could go wrong. We provide thorough and professional inspections of all of these systems to ensure that you are going into your new home purchase with “eyes wide open”. You can add any of these services onto one of our comprehensive home inspections, or order them as a stand-alone service.


In addition to his construction and home inspection experience, ThermaSpect’s owner, Chad, has spent years in the security consulting field. This allows us to provide unparalleled insight into the security aspects of your new home, whether the existing system conveys or you simply want to ensure that your new system is installed effectively. We also cover physical security considerations such as door and window construction, placement, and other security-related factors. In addition to our full service security inspections, a complimentary security assessment is included FREE with every inspection.

drone inspections

On occasion we run into rooftops which are simply too high or too steep to ascend safely. In these instances, rather than being forced to rely solely on binoculars or other ground-based optical devices, we employ pole-mounted cameras or aerial drones to view all areas of the roof surface from as little as five feet overhead, giving a much better view than that achieved when viewed from ground level.

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